Price List - Femina

  • Normal Rs.500
  • Upper Lips Rs.20
    Chin Rs.30
    Under Arms Rs.80
    Face Sides Rs.100
    Half Legs Rs.150
    Stomach Rs.150
    Half Back Rs.150
    Half Arms Rs.150
    Half Front Rs.150
    Face Rs.200
    Full Back Rs.250
    Full Front Rs.250
    Full Arms Rs.250
    Full Legs Rs.250
    Bikini Rs.600
    Full Body Rs.1500
  • Majirel Rs.2000
    Inoa Rs.2500
  • Full legs+UA+Full Arms (Aloe-vera) Rs.350
    Chocolate Wax Full Legs, Full Arms, Underarms Rs.500
  • Any Style Rs.300
  • Stomach Rs.250
  • Half Arms Wella Rs.200
    Half Arms oxy Rs.200
    Half Back oxy Rs.200
    Half Front oxy Rs.200
    Half Legs oxy Rs.200
    Full Arms oxy Rs.250
    Full Back oxy Rs.250
    Full Front oxy Rs.250
    Half Front Wella Rs.300
    Half Legs Wella Rs.300
    Half Back Wella Rs.300
    Full Legs oxy Rs.300
    Full Back Wella Rs.350
    Full Front Wella Rs.350
    Full Arms Wella Rs.400
    Full Legs Wella Rs.400
    Body Creame Bleach Rs.500
    Full Body oxy Rs.1200
    Full Body Wella Rs.1500
  • Hand Massage Rs.150
    Foot Massage Rs.150
    Head Massage Rs.250
    Back Massage Rs.250
    Back Massage (Almond) Rs.300
    Face Massage Rs.300
    Face Massage 03+ Rs.500
    Body Massage Rs.700
    Full Body Ubtana Rs.700
    Body Massage (Olive Oil) Rs.1000
    Body Massage (Almond) Rs.1000
    Body Polishing Rs.1500
    Body Polish (Lotus) Rs.2000
  • Herbal tree gold facial+waxing+Dlx padicure+Manicure (Free bleach) Rs.850
    Vlcc fruit facial+waxing+pedicure+Manicure (Free bleach) Rs.950
    Flower facial / vlcc glow / kaya oxy + chocolate wax (free bleach / head massage / heena) Rs.1000
    Vlcc skin tightning/Kayakalp chocolate facial+waxing+manicure+pedicure (Free bleach) Rs.1100
    Nat. Gold facial+italian waxing+Pedicure+Manicure (Free bleach) Rs.1200
    Kaya whitening/vlcc anti tan facial+chocolate waxing+pedicure+manicure (Free bleach) Rs.1250
    Vlcc silver facial+ Italian waxing+manicure+pedicure (Free bleach) Rs.1350
    Vlcc gold/Kaya kalp gold facial+waxing+Hair spa (Free bleach) Rs.1450
    O3+ face clean up+Full wax+ dlx manicure+dlx pedicure (Free bleach) Rs.1500
    Lotus gold facial+Chocolate wax+dlx pedicure+dlx manicure (free bleach / head massage / heena) Rs.1550
    Lotus facial/Vedie line mint / Neem facial+waxing+dlx manicure+dlx pedicure+bleach+heenaa Rs.1600
    Vlcc/Vedie line/kaya kalp diamond facial+itlian wax+dlx pedicure+dlx manicure (Free bleach) Rs.1650
    Raaga facial+italiann wax+pedicure+manicure/heena Rs.1800
    O3+ facial with finishing mask+ waxing+dlx pedicure+dlx manicure (Free bleach) Rs.2150
    Lotus 4 layer facial + italian wax + pedicure +manicure (Free Bleach) Rs.2300
    Sara gold/silver facial + Italian wax+spa pedicure and manicure (Free Bleach) Rs.2400
  • Face pack naturance Rs.100
    Face pack aroma Rs.200
    VLCC Cleansing Rs.400
    Fruit Rs.450
    Lotus Cleansing Rs.500
    VLCC Fruit Rs.550
    VLCC Anti Tan Rs.600
    VLCC Insta Glow Rs.600
    Lotus Rs.700
    Vlcc Skin Tightening Rs.700
    VLCC Gold Rs.800
    Chocolate Rs.800
    Kaya Rs.800
    Cleansing (oxy) Rs.900
    O3+ CleanUp Rs.900
    Cleansing (casmara) Rs.900
    Raga Rs.1000
    Aroma Gold Rs.1000
    Vedic Line Rs.1000
    Aroma Glow Rs.1000
    Lotus Insta glow Rs.1200
    Ozone Rs.1200
    Lotus 4 Layers Rs.1500
    Aroma Diamond Rs.1500
    Cheryl's Radiance Rs.1600
    O3+ Seaweed Rs.1800
    O3+ Whitening Rs.1800
    O3+ Diamond Rs.2500
  • Normal Rs.250
    VLCC Rs.450
    Lotus Rs.500
    Crystal Rs.600
  • Per streak Rs.300
  • Forehead Rs.20
    Lower lip Rs.20
    Chin Rs.20
    Upper lip Rs.20
    Eyebrows Rs.30
    Eye- Brow And Upper Lips Rs.50
    Full Face Rs.100
  • Normal Rs.400
  • Normal Rs.200
    VLCC Rs.350
    Lotus Rs.400
    Crystal Rs.600
  • Bridal Makeup Rs.5000
  • Hair Bun Rs.350
    Any Style Rs.350
    Hot Roller Rs.350
    Dressing Rs.400
    Curling Rs.400
  • Eye makeup Rs.350
    Light makeup Rs.1000
  • Fruit Rs.150
    Oxy Rs.200
    Mango Rs.200
    Gold Rs.200
    Olivia Rs.200
    Wella Rs.350
    De-Tan Rs.350
    O3+ Rs.400
  • Chin Rs.40
    Face Sides Rs.100
    Under Arms Rs.100
    Face Rs.250
    Half Legs Rs.250
    Half Arms Rs.250
    Stomach Rs.250
    Half Back Rs.250
    Half Front Rs.250
    Full Back Rs.350
    Full Front Rs.350
    Full Arms Rs.400
    Full Legs Rs.400
    Bikini Rs.800
    Full Body Rs.1800
  • Heena Rs.200
    Matrix Rs.500
    L'oreal Rs.600
    L'oreal Inoa Rs.700
  • Any Style Rs.250
  • Standard Rs.700
  • Straight Rs.350
  • Smoothning Rs.4000
    Permanent Rebonding/ Straightening Rs.5000