Price List - Payal Beauty Services

  • Upper Lips Rs.50
    Chin Rs.100
    Under Arms Rs.100
    Half Arms Rs.100
    Face Rs.100
    Half Back Rs.150
    Full Arms Rs.150
    Stomach Rs.200
    Half Front Rs.250
    Half Legs Rs.250
    Full Legs Rs.300
    Bikini Rs.300
    Full Back Rs.300
    Full Front Rs.300
    Full Body Rs.1000
  • Per streak Rs.100
  • Full Stick Rs.1000
    Majirel Rs.2500
  • Any Style Rs.300
  • Under Arms Rs.50
    Chin Rs.50
    Face Rs.100
    Half Arms Rs.100
    Full Arms Rs.120
    Half Back Rs.150
    Full Back Rs.200
    Full Legs Rs.200
    Half Front Rs.200
    Half Legs Rs.200
    Stomach Rs.200
    Full Front Rs.250
    Bikini Rs.300
    Full Body Rs.800
  • Standard Rs.600
  • Half Arms oxy Rs.200
    Half Legs oxy Rs.250
    Half Front oxy Rs.250
    Half Back oxy Rs.250
    Neck oxy Rs.250
    Full Back oxy Rs.300
    Full Arms oxy Rs.300
    Full Legs oxy Rs.400
    Body Blonder Bleach Rs.500
    Full Front oxy Rs.600
    Body Creame Bleach Rs.600
    Body Powder Bleach Rs.600
    Full Body oxy Rs.1000
  • Curling Rs.250
    Hot Roller Rs.400
    Any Style Rs.1000
  • Normal Rs.600
  • Normal Rs.200
    Deluxe Rs.300
  • Ammonia free Rs.800
  • Heena Rs.100
    Color Touchup Rs.500
    Full hair Color Rs.600
    L'oreal Rs.800
    Matrix Rs.800
  • Upper Lips Rs.50
    Chin Rs.50
    Under Arms Rs.50
    Half Back Rs.100
    Half Arms Rs.100
    Stomach Rs.100
    Full Arms Rs.100
    Full Back Rs.100
    Face Rs.100
    Half Legs Rs.100
    Half Front Rs.100
    Full Legs Rs.150
    Full Front Rs.300
    Bikini Rs.300
    Full Body Rs.800
  • Eyebrows Rs.25
    Lower lip Rs.25
    Upper lip Rs.25
    Forehead Rs.25
    Chin Rs.40
    Eye- Brow And Upper Lips Rs.50
    Full Face Rs.100
  • Normal Rs.300
  • De-Tan Rs.200
    VLCC Cleansing Rs.400
    Lotus Cleansing Rs.400
    Fruit Rs.500
    De-Tan Whitening Rs.800
    Aroma Glow Rs.800
    Normal Silver Rs.800
    Cleansing (casmara) Rs.800
    Kaya Glow Rs.800
    Aroma Gold Rs.800
    Oxy Rs.800
    Chocolate Rs.850
    Aroma Diamond Rs.1000
    O3+ CleanUp Rs.1000
    Ozone Rs.1000
    Cleansing (oxy) Rs.1000
    Vlcc Skin Tightening Rs.1000
    Aroma Whitening Rs.1000
    O3+ Whitening Rs.1500
    O3+ Gold Rs.1500
  • Permanent Rebonding/ Straightening Rs.4000
    Smoothning Rs.4500
  • Eye makeup Rs.500
    Light makeup Rs.1000
    Normal makeup Rs.1000
    Heavy Party makeup Rs.1500
    Party makeup Rs.1500
  • Standard Rs.100
    Gold Rs.150
    Mango Rs.150
    Fruit Rs.150
    Diamond Rs.200
    De-Tan Rs.1000
    Wella Rs.1000
  • Upper Lips Rs.50
    Under Arms Rs.50
    Chin Rs.150
    Stomach Rs.150
    Half Legs Rs.150
    Half Arms Rs.150
    Half Front Rs.150
    Half Back Rs.150
    Face Rs.200
    Full Arms Rs.250
    Full Back Rs.300
    Full Front Rs.300
    Full Legs Rs.300
    Bikini Rs.500
    Full Body Rs.1000
  • Normal Rs.200
    Deluxe Rs.300
  • Mehndi/Cocktail Makeup Rs.4000
    Engagement Makeup Rs.5000
    Bridal Makeup Rs.5000
    Reception Makeup Rs.6000
    Bridal Makeup - Krylon Rs.7000
    Pre Bridal Rs.7000
    Bridal Makeup HD Rs.8000
    Bridal Makeup- MAC Rs.10000
    Bridal Makeup Silicon Rs.10000
    Bridal Makeup- Air Brush Rs.14000
  • Straight Rs.200
    Curls Rs.250
  • Deep Pigmentation Rs.800
    Skin Lightening Rs.1000
    Acne Control Rs.1000
    Anti Wrinkle And Skin Tightening Rs.1000
  • Head Massage Rs.300
    Head Massage (Almond oil) Rs.300
    Back Massage Rs.300
    Back Scrub Rs.350
    Face Massage Rs.400
    Back Massage (Olive) Rs.400
    Back Massage (Almond) Rs.500
    Body Massage Rs.800
    Body Massage (Olive Oil) Rs.900
    Body Massage (Almond) Rs.1000
    Body Scrub Rs.1200
    Body Polishing Rs.1200