Split ends are among the most common problems woman face today. The ends are the sign of unhealthy hair and hamper the aesthetics of your hair.  Do you have rough, brown, dead edges at the end of luscious healthy hair to spoil its beauty? Well, we have got ways you can combat with such a calamity.

Trick#1- Say ‘NO’ To Heating Equipments

split ends

Say No to hair dryers, straightening irons and curling rods.

If you wonder that after taking so much care about how your hair looks and immense cost of maintenance how have you won yourself these ugly split ends. Your answer may lie in the hair dryers, straightening irons and curling rods that you use.

Trick#2 – Ditch Your Dear Comb


Ditch the comb!

If you care for your hair, comb should not be your best friend. Combing hair can be responsible for spoiling the natural texture of your hair and also the split ends. Hence, one must start detangling the hair with their fingers in normal routine.

Trick#3 – Cut It Out !

split ends

Snip off the ends.

Split ends persist at the end of the hair strands. Hence, there is no solution to the problem but cutting them on the ends.

Trick#4 – Eating Health-Wise

balanced meal

A balanced meal for healthy hair.

Split ends can be a result of our poor nutritional intake as unhealthy eating makes unhealthy hair. One should opt for a balanced meal in day to day life.

Trick#5 – Finger That Twists

hair care

Finger twist your hair after detangling them

The appropriate was to finger twist your hair requires you to detangle them first. Then using finger one needs to divide the hair in various small sections. Taking one section of hair at a time, the strand needs to be swirled around the finger tightly and then left in its place.

Trick#6 – Leaving In The Conditioner


Conditoner protects the hair from damage.

The conditioners that stay back in the hair are any day better than those who run out with water the second they are applied on the hair length. This is because they protect the hair from damage like dirt, sunlight and heating equipments.

Trick#7 – Shampooing The Scalp Only


Just focus shampoo on the scalp.

Most of the shampoos are known for depriving the hair of their natural moisture and leaving them dry which again can create split ends. Here you are advised to skip on using the shampoo for the lengths of hair and to just focus on the scalp.

 Trick#8 – Oil Every Coil

hair care

Oil Massage followed by steam.

Oils provide essential nutrients to the hair. They nourish our hair from within thus stimulating healthy growth. All this prevents split ends from appearing. Massaging the head with any oil you like and them using steam to let it seep in is the best way.

Trick#9 – Chuck the Towel Away

hair care

Use towel gently to dry your hair.

It has been a well known fact that towel drying the hair can cause damage like frizz and split ends. Air drying the hair is the best way to let them dry. Besides, while using a towel just wrap your head in a towel and gently move it through your strands and avoid rigorous behaviour.

Trick#10 – Going professional


Get a professional Treatment.

There are a number of professional treatments in the market to get you rid of your split ends. Keratin treatment tops the charts with excellent and proven results wherein the ends come to an end and the health of your hair is restored. Hair massage with various essential oils like argon and macadamia oil on the strands of hair helps in the longs run. Deep conditioning is also an excellent way to replenish the health of your hair.

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