Nail designs are a quite a popular thing among girls these days. Just because you're new to nail art doesn't mean you can't rock decked out digits. We know 3-D nails and freehand masterpieces can look intimidating, but with the right tools and tutorials achieving these on-trend nail designs doesn't have to be hard. We rounded up our favorite easy nail looks for no-hassle pro results.

1. An Easy French tip Design:
A lovely looking nail art which can be easily created with two colors of nail polishes and your dotting tools. If you don't have one, bobby pin will work just fine.

2. Rays of Glitz Mani :
This clean line design may look hard, but strips of tape make it easy, so grab a roll and your favorite glitter polish and create this glam look

3. Free Hand Floral Nail Design:
If you have good hands at drawing on nails, then you can try out this design using acrylic paints and a nail art brush.

4. Neon Tip nail look:
Do this by painting only the top of your nails. If you're attempting this easy mani, use contrasting colors, like  slate gray and neon yellow, for stand-out tip.

5. Panda Nail Design:
This is loved by almost everyone. It’s very easy to create panda nails using dotting tools.
6. Stars on your nails:
All you have to do is apply silver or golden glitters over your nails once the nailpaint is half dry and they will sparkle your look.

7. Tribal Nail Design :
Tribal nails are easy to create with slow and steady hands. You will require your black striper and a few different coloured nail polishes. You will also require some toothpicks. Use the blunt end of a toothpick to pick a certain colour and do not use that toothpick for another colour otherwise colours will get mixed up. Try this one out!

8. The Hugs and Kisses Nail Arts:
It’s very easy to create and you will need your dotting tools for the lip pattern and the nail art black striper for the “XOXO” pattern. You can also play with colors if pink is not your color.

9. Black Board Nail Art Designs:
This is a complete weird nail art and a bit abstract too. It has an apple, some number, some mathematical symbols and letters. Will you try this out? You may additionally use some transparent matte finish top coat like in the picture to give matte effect to the black polish. You can use a black matte polish itself also. This can be quite a nail art if you are wishing to sport a back to school black board nail art.

10. Fire Crackers Nail Art:
A very chic nail art. The boom and bam nail art depicting how crackers burst can be quite a nail art for the coming Diwali.Will you try it?

11. New trendy design
You can use some free hand painting to do these. You can also buy decals for doing these even more professionally. These can be worn for regular ear and also for parties. You can wear these with polka and printed outfit. This looks quite girly. You can also wear these with some other materials like ceramic flowers

12. Brown chunky nail design
This is an easy to do thing and you can wear this for day out shopping with your friends. You will have to use selected colors and paints from your drawing kit and then you can do this easily. If you are worried that you do not have good drawing hands and you may not be able to do this. Then you can practice this on a paper and then do this on your hands.

13. Red Nail designs with Jewellers:
Pearls can be easily bought from crafts stores. It will cost you very less and these are quite cheap. You can use these with special adhesive which also you can get from special supply stores and which does not harm the enamel. If you think that you have brittle nails, then you should use thick base coat before you use these. You can add some free hand painting to these. These are quite easily done and easy to sport. You can also wear some metal chains with these. You can buy those from the stores that specially sell those.

14. Love Type Nail Design:
If you choose a color properly then you can wear it without almost any materials. This can be good with dark colored outfits. You can wear this when you have a proper manicure done on you with almost any dresses and for casual days. You can wear this to work and also to college.

15. Fimo Nail Designs:
This is a party type thing and you can use Fimo easily to get this or you can use materials like shown in the image. This is easy to get and easy to do. You will need to do this carefully and you can buy special adhesive to stick these.

16. Adorable Pastel Nail look
Just use golden strips and matte nail paint to have this amazing pastel nail look

Happy nailing these arts :)

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