Fragrances have magnificent qualities of taking you down the memory lane. They have strange powers of seeking attention of even a stranger. Human brain can relate instances to particular smells that is why the perfume that people use, contributes a lot in making an impression. Find the way to charm everyone in your close vicinity and strike that note of intimacy immediately with the scent you use. Here are the things you must keep in mind:

Choosing your own Essence

Scent Etiquettes

Know what kind of fragrances you are investing in.

There are some broad categories into which the perfume types are divided.

  1. Floral-The scents obtained from flowers.
  2. Fruity- The scents obtained from fruits.
  3. Citrus-The scents produced with help of citrus fruits.
  4. Green-The scents with sharp grassy notes.
  5. Chypre-The woody-mossy kind of fragrance.
  6. Fougere- A strong musky kind of fragrance.

Before you make your purchase, you should know what kind of fragrances you are investing in. It is good idea to make a purchase only after knowing what all the categories are and what your favourite one is. A personal favourite fragrance carries a power to speak about your personality.

Fragrance Care

spray nozzle

Do not waste it by being careless with the spray nozzle.

There is more to it than just buying a perfume; it is the scent etiquette that counts.  A perfume will speak about your personality, so you need to take care of the things that it is supposed to convey about you. Besides; with the high tide on inflation you might not want to waste it by being careless with the spray nozzle or the way you store it. All perfumes need to be kept away from fire and from the reach of children. Inc case of contact with the eye, water can come to your rescue. In case the irritation persists, referring to a doctor can be the second step.

A Stitch of Fragrance

perfume love

Note of the most strategic timings fo applying the perfumes.


One must use and make a note of the most strategic timings when one should put on a scent.  A supposedly heavy or musky fragrance needs time to seep in and thus should be applied at least 15 minutes before moving out of your private space. Scent etiquettes dictate how a floral or fruity fragrance can work its charm when applied just before leaving your space, as they have a fear of dying fast comparatively. Also, things like anti-per spirants need to be applied much before you get out of your space and body starts its natural sweating process.

The Quantity-Quality Paradox

Too much of scent can be irritating for others.

Too much of scent can be irritating for others.

In case of strong perfumes, always know that less is more. There is a degree of intimacy associated with a fragrance that you use. According to the scent etiquettes, one needs to realize that only the people who are in your close vicinity should be able to notice the fragrance you are wearing,. Using too much of scent can be irritating and can cease to create the desired effect on the people other than you. Regular excessive usage of a particular fragrance can also desensitize your own smelling power for that odour.

On Body Positioning Strategy

Perfume Application

The pulse points in the body are warm spots and thus help spread the aroma.

Wearing a perfume before wearing the clothes is the standard norm. The perfume must be sprayed at pulse points for the desired effect. The pulse points in the body are warm spots and thus help spread the aroma. Also, one needs to refrain from rubbing the part of the body where the scent has been sprayed.

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