Top Ten Best Bridal Mehendi Designs

It’s time to choose among the best bridal mehendi designs! A wedding is a dream for most women, no matter where they hail from. Though westerners get married amidst a lot of celebration, there is nothing that can be compared to our big fat Indian weddings. It’s the time when most women become nervous and try to get everything right. More than anything women start browsing through the best mehendi designs for weddings as it can be tiresome to choose among so many designs. Here are the top ten best bridal mehendi designs, just for you.

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Styling a Low Bun

When it comes to turning a bad hair day into a bun, styling your hair into a low bun could turn that bad hair day into a ‘wow’ day! This style of bun is super easy and because of the summer weather, having your hair down is like playing with fire. Well, maybe not fire, but most definitely sweaty, humid hair. The low bun is perfect for senior prom, a formal, a wedding or just a day where you really don’t feel like doing your hair all that much. With this style, you can also add flowers, bows or even use a ribbon, plus you’re bound to get compliments all day on your beautiful hair. Start out by brushing your hair completely and mist a little bit of shine spray into your locks. Next, separate a couple thick strands of hair directly from the top of your hairline and tease them up a bit.

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